Team Pantera Orange County

Southern California

A chapter of the Pantera Owners Club of America

Our Members' Cars

#1528 1971 pre-L
Owner: Marshall Boyer

#3094 1972 pre-L
Owner: Louie Villa

#3118 1972 pre-L
Owner: Allan Arakawa

#3269 1972 pre-L
Owner: John Maloney

Owner: Greg Ford

#3460 1972 pre-L
Owner: John Schirmer

#3466 1972 pre-L
Owner: Doc William Stewart

#3535 1972 pre-L
Owner: Darrell Mountjoy

#3646 1972 pre-L
Owner: Gary Mitchem

#3675 1972 pre-L
Owner: Larry Montgomery

#3977 1972 pre-L
Owner: Brad Johnson

#4010 1972 pre-L
Owner: Scott Couchman

#4143 1972 pre-L
Owner: Don Roberts

#4297 1972 L
Owner: Bill Harris

Owner: Ron and Linda White

#4566 1973 L
Owner: Nate Sheffield

#5060 1973 L
Owner: Glen Chancellor

#5326 1973 L
Owner: Mike and Hilda Ochoa Hougan

Owner: Rod Kunishige

#5894 1973 L
Owner: Michael King

Owner: Bill Wright

Owner: Tom Todak

#7026 1974 GTS
Owner: Bill Senyak

Owner: Dave and Linda Adler

All 3 Panteras
Owner: Jan Taraszkiewicz

All 3 Panteras
Owner: Geoff Peters

#xxxx   197? Pre-L or L
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